Learn The What and How of Wind Energy Learn The What and How of Wind Energy

Learn The What and How of Wind Energy

Static Infographic Design

Hi! Here is an example of animated infographic content done by the golden ribbon. The project includes an GIF-ographic and a Video motion graphic (MP4).“Wind energy the what and how ” is a personal infographic and motion graphic project. This infographic that takes the reader though,what wind energy is and how do we harness that energy to power our homes. Focusing on colour and energy, catering towards a younger audience 12-18. The graphic however, should be palatable enough for an order audience who wishes to learn a quick fact. Perfect for schools and educations institutions.

The project was created to test and improve 3 main skills. I was to 1. create a completing pallet that targeted a young audience. 2 create a layout design in info-graphic design that diverted from plane horizontal line separation. 3 And create a motion graphic and GIF that accompanied and completed the infographic. This was a long project, however I enjoyed it much and plan to do another 5 like this. It is a great exercise that shows the real potential and quality of open-source software.

Licence: Creative Commons Share Alike

Creative Commons Share Alike Licence
Creative Commons Share Alike Licence

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