The Start of the Journey

Thursday 8th January, 2015
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About year ago this time I conceived this
idea. An Idea called The
Rayscape Resource
. Back then it had a different name: Uhuru inspired by the Open Source O.S. Ubuntu. Uhuru is the Swahili word for free, and that’s exactly what I wanted this resource to be…free.

Over the year the idea has evolved into a website and prepared content ready to germinate onto the field of the Internet.

It has been hard living in a country where open-source is almost unknown amongst the ranks, and even though I know it maybe a minority in every country I feel it is a minority especially here because people aren’t tech savy and those who are a more interested in “cracking” proprietary software because that’s the “industry standard” and that’s “all they know”.

Well this is a resource in the an area I can speak for that presents persons with the information necessary to “know something else” is out there. Welcome to The Rayscape Resource.

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