The Software Tools I use The Software Tools I use

The Software Tools I use

Monday 18th April, 2016
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I have had a few persons ask me what tools I use to create, and my general work flow when I construct my info graphics and videos. Here is a basic run down of the the software tools I use, the run down of the videos will come later

My Operating System


I use Gnome Ubuntu. Ever since my Linux conversion back in Nov 2011 (The same year and month I got with the woman of dreams), it has always been a toss-up between the Gnome Desktop Environment and the Ubuntu Desktop Environment, The HUD of Unity was a work-mans dream, However the ascetic kingship of the Gnome workspace and UI was hard to ignore. When a small team announce the GNOME UBUNTU  flavour I was hooked and since then its been a happy and productive 2 years.

Tools For Graphics & Video


This is a vector graphics editing and creation software tool. It is my flagship software tool on my computer as well as for my profession. A day doesn’t seem to pass where I have  not interacted with inkscape at least once. Inkscape is smooth and has alot of features that aid me the creation of Icons, Mockups, Infographics, Illustrations, Fonts, Posters, Colour palates PDF’s and the list continues.


If Inkscape is first, this is a strong second. Blender is a  true 3D multimedia open-source application suit bottled into one program. Video Editing, Rigging, Motiongraphics, Video, Photo-Manipulation and alot more is wrapped up in this amazing piece of software. I use it for all mentioned above. Especially my Video compilation and the development of the motion graphics. I also use it for my transitions, into, outro, lower thirds, comments and so on.


Gimp is a raster editor and creation software tool. My uses for GIMP vary and often are for specialized tasks, like for shirt mock-ups and pattern creation and photo-cropping, and although I don’t need it every day, when I do it is an invaluable tool.

A wire-frame node manipulation font and Typeface editor. As I fall more and more in love with typography I get more and more involved with font forge, Its such a compact tool that has so much to  it, and its so underrated. For the creation of typefaces and correction of errors it is a life-saver.

Tools for Sound


I use audacity for the sound editing and modification as well as for stripping video of sound on occasions. Great seasoned tool with alot of reputation behind it.

Tools for Screen Capture


FFMPEG, well this is a beast with more functions then I may ever discover in a life time. However what I use it for is screen capture. Because its Command Line the “overhead” is less on my machine when I run it and when it works I get great results. However it seems that every other Ubuntu release I upgrade to it decides not to work for me. (I am currently on that release).


Simple Screen Recorder:
This is a gem of a program that I discovered recently for screen recording when FFMPEG started to misbehave. A titan of a screen-casting tool. Feature rich, intuitive, Gnome compatibility, with a list of containers to export to there is not much more I could ask of it, Very reliable and fast, and does all its encoding while you record – which is how I like it. Great little program I highly recommend it.

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