Star Apple Nectar Goodness in a Poster! Star Apple Nectar Goodness in a Poster!

Star Apple Nectar Goodness in a Poster!

Wednesday 24th January, 2018
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Star Apple Poster Goodness! | Infographics

Sometime back I saw a Russian poster on fruit, with a photo edited style. I said this looks really nice, but you’d never find any information like that in a design about fruits native or that grow in the Caribbean. You know what, I am going to create my own! So I started with Neaseberry! Last Year January and now I’ve moved on to Star Apple with more to come! Presenting the Star Apple Nectar Goodnesss in a poster.

Star Apple trees bear once like its Neaseberry cousin but has two “seasons” in the year in which it can bear.  First bearing is late winter to early summer. If for what ever reason the tree finds that it is unable to bear that season it will bear late summer early winter. The Golden Leaf Tree which it is sometimes called can bear two distinctive varieties. Green and Purple Skin Star Apples. The third pictures shows the beautiful golden iridescent leaves as well as the green skin variety. The name I commonly come across is Star Apple which is a common name in English speaking countries however due its origins (The Caribbean’s most spoken language is Spanish) and Mexico that also speaks Spanish the most common name is Cainito. Here is a link to learn more about the fruit

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Creative Commons Share Alike Licence

Creative Commons Share Alike Licence

Star Apple Mockup


Star Apple Poster


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