Review on the Logitech M600 and the Dualfire Microphone Stand Review on the Logitech M600 and the Dualfire Microphone Stand

Review on the Logitech M600 and the Dualfire Microphone Stand

Friday 5th February, 2016
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I recently got two devices to help me in my freelancing design and vlogging pursuits. The logitech M600 Wireless mouse. and the Dual Fire Professional Microphone Desk Stand. Both serve as a strong force in the efficiency of my work-flow, particularly in desk real-estate and desk management. You see I have a small desk as a graphic designer. Its a beautiful desk, but its small.  So small that I cant keep my graphic tablet out and my drawing pad on it at the same time – that kind of small .Immediate links:
Logitech M600 wireless mouse
DualFire Professional Desk Microphone stand

Logitech Mouse M600
Wireless mouse = no wires. Super score! Not only that but Logitech wireless mouse + Logitech wireless keyboard + Logitech Universal Adapter = less USB ports occupied, and to me that is too good an opportunity to pass up.  I mean the mouse was only 10US! refurbished from Amazon, but only 10US! and I have a Blue-Ray RW Diskdrive that takes up two USB ports to work.


Logitech Mouse M600
The mouse sports a stylish pattern and form factor similar to the Apple Magic Mouse’s streamline shape. Despite its appearance the mouse is plastic and a very “cheep feeling plastic” however the mouse is smooth and feels graceful in the hand.
It uses two double A batteries and the adapter comes in the back of the mouse, also the mouse does not use the red optical light to sense desk movement, I’m not sure how that works, but I am happy for it. I always felt the red light was very eerie, tho I will say it helped when finding the mouse in the night.In order to pair the mouse to the keyboard’s universal adapter I had to download a G.U.I. application called solaar. This is an application for linux specifically for the Logitech universal adapter, designed to pair different Logitech devices to that adapter. For some persons it work out of the box for me it didn’t, However solar did a great job; you can check the video to see it in action.

Dual Fire Microphone Professional Desk Stand
The Dual Fire Microphone stand was bought specifically to hoist my blue yeti above the desk for better audio, desk space and, so I could screen cast without it getting in the way of the screen. It performs its task dutifully and brings a studio-like charm to my working environment.


DualFire Professional Desk Mic Stand


The box comes with English writing on the front but the instructions are in Chinese – lazy translators – thankfully however they included pictures to help you assemble the mic-stand.
On first impressions, It feels a little “clunky” but when fully set up it really does shine. With its ability to lift and drop the upper stand by its pivot and a G-Clamp that attaches to the table, stability wise it does well.The G-Clamp that upper section (Top of the G) has a foam link sponge that protects the table from the pressure of the clamp however the lower section (bottom of the G) has no protection for the table and is metal,

The set-up came with two distinct mic stands for smaller more transitional mic forms. However because the Blue-Yeti Mic’s size blows that tradition ‘out of the park’, I could use neither of them. I had to screw out the attachment from one of mic stands and screw that into the blue yeti – as seen in the video. Once done I attached the Yeti to the stand attached my pop filter, hooked the yeti’s USB power cable and it was ‘good to go’.

Posted by Phillip Taylor