PBIS Blackriver High Awards 2018 PBIS Blackriver High Awards 2018

PBIS Blackriver High Awards 2018

Sunday 21st January, 2018
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PBIS Victory Over Reading Disability | Photography

PBIS Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support At Blackriver High awarded 4 students for exemplary improvement in academia. Specifically they overcame reading and comprehension difficulties that was holding them back in general classes. Because of this the staff and PBIS group opted for them to be separated and be taught reading at their own pace. The results where great with some scoring 70% and 80% on general tests  from the mainstream curriculum.

The Golden Ribbon, WillApp Solutions and Blackriver Library sponsored the awards. An event was held on the first devotion for the new academic year 2018. A positive and productive start to new year for Blackriver.

Head of the PBIS Blackriver Division: Ms Karen Strachan (fifth Picture).

Will-App Solutions: Taj Williams (Second picture below).



PBIS Mr Morris


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