New: Logitech Solar Keyboard New: Logitech Solar Keyboard

New: Logitech Solar Keyboard

Saturday 16th January, 2016
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Yesterday I got my Logitech Solar Keyboard from Amazon, as well as a U.P.S. for my System 76 Sable Complete. Jeze, Maybe I should have done an unboxing?! Note to self (and to readers) do an unboxing video with this sort of post. Well for the sort time I have had this keyboard I absolutely love it. The chicklet keys and and spacious layout really is special. Plus no batteries…every again! super sweet. very pleased :)These are the photo’s of the keyboard and my desk set-up but looking at them, they really could be used as stock photo’s for blog thumbnails and so, especially for the Linux community that may want to display Linux “hardware” in their image choices, but have few options shown to them.


Posted by Phillip Taylor