Motion Graphics: Double Mask Effect Motion Graphics: Double Mask Effect

Motion Graphics: Double Mask Effect

Thursday 28th April, 2016
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The Double Mask Effect is my terminology to describe when two objects ( in this case a text object and the flipboard objects) opposite to one another cross the same meridian/ line they are masked off or disappear out of view. This is seen at the beginning and the end of this motion clip (below), but more so the end.

I have been trying to discover how to do this in blender since October of last year when I was creating the Raster vs Vector motion graphic. See below. I try not to use the compositor when doing my motion graphic work, disite that, in this instance I did use it. However the work style to create the double mask is great as I only need to use the compositor once. I can repeat the effect unlimited amount of times using the same compositing nodes in the same tree.

This is a huge victory for me, as I can move into creating my motion graphics portfolio. I am looking to create 5 pieces (1-2 minute projects). Also featured in the motion graphics clip is the “Golden Ribbon sans Heavy” and “ The Golden Ribbon Sans Light” Respectively. Every time I think I have finished there is another problem to fix lol. I’ll finish it tho, someday lolz.

Posted by Phillip Taylor