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Client Feature | Journeys Through Search Style Guide & Proposal / Pitch Deck

Hi and welcome! To returnees welcome again to another client feature. Today we are looking at piece of design work I don’t often get the chance to do. The Style Guide, or as some persons may call it a brand book.

This is a collection of rules and guidelines across various content areas, that involve your business brand. Logos, symbols, Typography, Colours, Photography, illustration and the list continues.

Having a centralized document that centers your design “language” is essential.  It does 3 important things for your business:

1) it Organizes your content creation efforts under one referable brand message.

2) It centers your brands “visual identity” in the mind of your customers. This builds familiarity, and helps distinguish your business in the eyes of your returning and prospective customers.

3). It guides anyone wanting to represent/ use your brand in anyway. This avoids misrepresentation and helps to maximize the efficiency of your brand message.

I did this style guide for Journey Through Search. They are an Internet marketing company that specializes in SEO and Traffic Analysis.

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