Icons: Tribal Warrior Icons: Tribal Warrior

Icons: Tribal Warrior

Friday 15th January, 2016
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This icon set is free to use and download. The tribal warriors accessory pack features the warrior mask aku aku! from the “Crash Bandicoot” series. This was alot of fun to create. Locating the cultural items and crafting them into icon designs was the most challenging part.

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Starting from the left

Icon 1: Boomerang
Austrian Aboriginal weapon, when thrown at a specific angle it returns to the user.Icon 2: Lion of Judah
Jamaican Rastafarian symbol for bravery, strength and kingship.Icon 3: Congo Drum
African & Aboriginal communication device, different variations of hits connote different meanings, also used for music.Icon 4: African Shield and Spear
Zulu Tribes ceremonial shield and spear, although many African tribes had shields and spears, arguably the most famous is the Zulu Shield.Icon 5: The Aku Mask
Popularized by the game “Crash Bandicoot” and as the main villain in the “Samurai Jack” series. Aku actually means evil in “Japanese” however the style of mask is taken from African tribal masks often used by herbal doctors or witch doctors, who perform tribal “magic”.Icon 6: The Moon
In tribal culture the moon has moon has many meanings, and many different stories are told of the moon. The Yolngu (Australian aboriginal tribe) for example tell that Ngalindi, the “Moon-man”, was once young and slim (the waxing Moon), but grew fat and lazy (the full Moon).Icons 7: The Leaf and Water.
Unlike the sun and moon, water and vegetation (The leaf) has a consistent theme for many tribes, and that is the source of life and healing.

Icon 8: The Burning Spear
The “Burning Spear” was a honorary title given to military heroes and heroics displayed by persons, created by the first prime-minister of Kenya. Popularised by the Jamaica artist “Burning Spear”.

Icon 9: The Sun
Like the moon the sun has many different meanings for many different tribes. The Yolngu say that Walu, the Sun-woman, lights a small fire each morning, which we see as the dawn .She paints herself with red ochre, some of which spills onto the clouds, creating the sunrise.

Icon 10: The Tiger Tooth Necklace
An African symbol of trial and triumph, tho not always a tiger,  this was a warriors symbol of victory over a wild beast, or given as a completion trinket for the initiation ceremony of a young man.


Creative Commons Share Alike Licence

Creative Commons Share Alike Licence


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