Designing your own Dawn

Thursday 11th February, 2016
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Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Photography, illustration; I’ve always felt adamant about creating my own content in all area’s that I can, even if I release it later under share-alike, and I usually do.

I believe its an important step in discovering your own creative niche, the one that defines you. All designers and artist aspire to reach that sweet spot where their soul and the content they provide sing a consistent and recognizable harmony.
Producing your own content really helps you in finding that spot, because when YOU do the work a piece of YOU is in that work. Mind, you cant do everything. There are times when you will have to lean on the shoulders of others and that is perfectly fine. There are not enough hours in the day for you to create all of your content from scratch, but what ever you can do, do it for yourself.

In this example the background for my video, the shirt for my mockups and the background for my banner, YouTube Facebook and Google+ were all pictures taken by me not all at the same time, but  over time and they became an irreplaceable asset to me. Even tho I didn’t know it when I took them, a piece me remained in them until the day came, when I figured out those pieces could fit together. Design your own dawn one ray at a time.

Licence: Creative Commons Share-Alike

Creative Commons Share Alike Licence

Creative Commons Share Alike Licence

Posted by Phillip Taylor