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Tuesday 7th February, 2017
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Creating print material with Inkscape gives you a great feeling. Just to see the product in your hand. That physical presence that represents your digital design is magical. And interestingly, this month has been filled with print design (As you will see in coming weeks). This post however, centers on my printed Business-card.

I have been tinkering with my branding for some time and my business card is no exception. Once I came to a design that worked for me, I tried to find a printery that could fulfill my needs. Moo was the printery to answer that call. Moo specializes in small paper printing (coasters, merchandise such as cups and pens and business-cards). However Business-cards are their flagship product. In addition to 4 different styles of cards to choose from, Moo had a healthy amount of detail design options (like gold foil and engraving). It was easy to get lost in the options. But what struck me the most was their on-line UI (User Interface) for card creation. A smooth and intuitive 4-5 step process that goes from design to payment. I loved the process for its easy executions and clear instructions and you could preview the results any time you wanted.

Moo delivered straight through the mail to my Parish post office (big plus). In addition, I received these bad boys from Moo ahead of time. They came in a nice cardboard container which I use to house the cards even now. Overall, a great experience for the team at

My Complaints

My only complaints are that the cards get dog ears too easily and the plastic sheen on the top of card strips ‘alil’ too easily.

The Golden Ribbon Type.

The Golden Ribbon Typeface was used for the readable text at the back and I am most proud of that. It gives my pitch that extra ‘umpth’ when I am approaching clients. In addition to the readable serif, the QR Code and the Hand-lettered logo brings the whole package home in style.


Business-Card Mock 2

Business-Card Mock 1

Business-Card Moc 4

Business-Card Mock 3

Business-Card Moc 5

The strength of the card, the feel in your hand and the design has made quite an impression on potential and existing clients. I love the look on there faces when they realize the difference in quality. #priceless #InkscapeRules

Posted by Phillip Taylor