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Artist/ Designers Who Inspire Me

Monday 11th April, 2016
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Because of the influence and wide spread accessibility the internet affords the “average jo” its easy for the artist/designer’s portfolio to be seen by the world. Easedroping never got so good, and spying on the competition is as simple as 1,2 click. However its also a place where you can find inspiration. Styles of art and design that captivate your mind and help you to aspire to produce work like theirs. Here is my list of artist that inspire my work flow in most circumstances. And why.

– noticeably I dont have an artist/designer to represent the typography side of work I do and that is for 2 reasons:
1. I am still growing quite a bit in this area and …
2. I dont have a select artist that always produces inspiring work just yet, I tend to pick and choose from serval designers/artists

When I do have a typography artist however who fits the bill I will update this list for sure.

N.B. Please note this is in no way a scale of best or worst artists nor is it an indication that gain inspiration from no other place. Theses artists are simply the most consistent in affecting my work-flow based on how their styles inspire me personally.


For Info-graphics and presentation cleanness. The Lemongraphic studio prides itself in clean and crisp presentation with strong typographic presence.

Scott Williams

Background art and paint brush style illustration
The man behind Ren & Stempy, and my favourite Samurai Jack
Here are some of his background art for Samurai Jack


Known for his art style behind the wakfu game. Great colours and rich environments.

Breaon Art

Amazing illustrator and vector artist with a graffiti styled work flow, and central on black art (inking and black people). This guy never ceases to amaze me.

Posted by Phillip Taylor